Rocking Rebels Keep On Dancing!


She is going out again



When Where Time

29 OKT

Café Cobbus Veldhoven


11 NOV

Javaans Eetcafé Beek en Donk


26 NOV

Café d'n Ekker Best


16 DEC

De Stal Eindhoven


13 JAN

’t Trefpunt Eindhoven

16:00 - 20:00

14 JAN

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13 APR

Rocking Rebels 45 years party Asten


27 APR

Cafe Belleve Oss



Cafe D’n Ekker Best



Muziekkiosk Eindhoven (Kinda Kinks, The Jerseys, Route 66 en Mac Taple)

Expected with reservation

Hagen (Duitsland), Frankfurt (Duitsland), Heeze, De Stal (Eindhoven)

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A German interview with Peter Visser

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Mac Taple in The Cavern Club te Liverpool

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Biography — Mac Taple

About 1975 a group of musicians who happened to be friends were asked to perform as supporting act at a number of meetings and projects in Eindhoven and Tilburg. The Effenaar had taken Rock-'n-Roll for a theme, a band was formed and Rock-'n-Roll repertoire was studied.

It turned out to be a chance hit. In the following period the band was frequently asked to repeat this musical feat. About February 1978 it was eventually decided to go on making music under the name of Mac Taple. The two founders, Jan van Riet and Peter Visser, despite some changes of musicians, have been continuous members of the band up to now. The motto of Mac Taple has always been: straightforward, swinging and particularly heavy Rock’n’Roll inspired by the music from the fifties and sixties. Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Carl Perkins, The Everly Brothers, Roy Orbison, Little Richard, Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, and others produced in their day music which has amply withstood the wear and tear of agenda-tijd. We can daily hear this music and who can sit still listening to it. From 1978 to 1992 Mac Taple was widely known and very popular through radio, TV and on many Dutch and also foreign stages. After a break of several years the five musicians decided in 1995, at the request of their impresario, to appear on the stage again and show off their musicianship as a supporting act at the Fats Domino concerts. Wanting to show their true colours the band decided to comply with the request to perform at the 'Fiesta del Sol '96'. The success of former years repeated itself. A raving audience and good response. That was very morish! Mac Taple performed on and off with the best musicians the band had known: Jan van Riet, bluesharp, percussion and vocals; Peter Visser, bassguitar and vocals; Ger Vermeer,drums; Gerard de Groot, (solo)guitar and vocals; Jan Jansen, (solo)guitar and vocals. In the middle of 2006 Fonos, the Institute for Sound and Image, decided to brush up and re-release old LP material, which had been released as vinyl earlier. This did not come as a surprise to anyone. Mac Taple performances were in ever greater demand. For many fans an opportunity to enjoy once more the Eindhoven Rock-'n-Roll formation and start a walk down memory lane. From 1978 to 1992 Mac Taple was widely known and very popular through radio, TV and on many Dutch and also foreign stages. The band regularly performed as supporting act at concerts of many famous and especially legendary artists from the Rock-'n-Roll world. As supporting act to Fats Domino Mac Taple took part in a great many concerts in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany and Denmark. The present Rock-'n-Roll revival has given a great boost to Mac Taple and resulted in an invitation to come and play 'live' in the Tros Muziekcafé, radio 2, and the request to be the supporting act to Jerry Lee Lewis in Eindhoven on March 17, 2007 is a new highlight. For the many fans still interested in Mac Taple the band is still alive and kicking. Come and listen and party with us at the upcoming events!


Stichting Mac Taple Music

Mac Taple Music Foundation

Info / booking:

Stichting Mac Taple Music
Pieter Zeemanstraat 7
5621 CP Eindhoven
The Netherlands

Peter Visser
Tel: +31 (0) 40 7074557
Gsm: +31 (0) 6 55331172
Email: pecovisser@gmail.com

Jan van Riet
Tel: +31 (0) 40 2049001